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Lesson plans to be used with the Edgewood video are designed to bring South Carolina history to life on film for eight-graders. They add a new dimension to what students learn from pages in a book. When that happens, students not only learn facts about historical time periods but they also are challenged to understand the issues and ideas that affected real people who lived then. This approach makes history real and relatable, not just a sequence of mind-numbing dates with little meaning to many students.

The video approach does not replace books but supplements them in a way that captures students’ interest.

Before watching the film, students should know the basics of slavery in the South from the perspectives of both slaves and plantation owners.  Students should also be aware of the events surrounding the Civil War and the years that followed it. Among them are:

  • nullification and associated tariffs
  • the secession of South Carolina and 10 other states from the Union
  • the Reconstruction Period and
  • the women’s suffrage movement


Finally, students should be familiar with key events of the 20th century, including:

  • the Great Depression
  • the bombing of Pearl Harbor and
  • Russia’s involvement in developing the atomic bomb in 1950


Note: The film may be viewed as a whole, which is recommended, or in two parts. If viewing it in two parts, stop the DVD at 28:55 minutes, and engage the students in the first half of the discussion questions.

The aim of the film and lesson plans is to provide students with a clear picture of history as it relates to them. They are learning not just what happened but also how it shaped the world they live in now. Lesson plans and activities are designed to demonstrate the connections between events in the past and those of the present. If students realize that the very place where they live has such a vibrant history, perhaps that knowledge will ignite a new interest and passion in their heritage.

Following the South Carolina Social Studies Standards, teachers will find activities in various content areas including mathematics, science, English and language arts. Click here to get started.