About the Project Setting the stage of history

Edgewood: Stage of Southern History” captures the people and important events that unfolded within the walls of the Pickens-Salley House. Formerly known as Edgewood, the plantation house is the oldest building on the USC Aiken campus. It was relocated in 1986, 11 years after the death of Eulalie Salley, who dismantled the house and moved it from Edgefield, SC, to Kalmia Hills in Aiken at the height of the Great Depression.

“Some houses can become sanctuaries of sorts,” Edgewood says when the film begins. “They become living monuments to new people who enter their doors. I have a door. I have a story. I have a name.”

When Dr. Deidre Martin, the film’s executive director, wanted to tell that story, she assembled a team to write, direct and produce the film. “This is a place that drew amazing people to it,” she said. “It’s a place that, even in disrepair, people loved. That compelled us to tell its story.”